A Bygone Mineral Empire

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Timeline – the beginning of the described events falls in an extrafacetary year with a complex coefficient corresponding to the standard date of:

???th age, ???th eon, ???th cycle, ???th period, ???th era, ???th epoch, ???th year

In the depths of the seventy first millennium on a perfectly normal planet named Earth, life continues even after a biological weapon’s worldwide deployment. Humans come out of long escrow in hidden caches. Other people, the product of generations of mutating physiology, greet their emergence. A woman named Jeanine Chabot, employee of long-dead economic dynamo Paper Metal, tries to prepare the way for her people’s reintroduction to the world.

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Listings of segments lie below:

  1. Promoted Best Friends
  2. Opened Cans
  3. For the Love of Monsters
  4. And the Earth Disgorged
  5. Marine Biotics
  6. A Thing Living I Did Dream
  7. Isles and Hills of Dogs
  8. Argent Plated Handshake