Tales Repository Directory

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Here, a signpost serves to point the way to various places of interest.

Many of these shall eventually make their way to the web fiction community through other means, such as the RoyalRoad repository of Akninirith, and possibly other venues of note.

The Simulacrum of Dread, a story of the rise of Sebastio Artaxerxes to power as the wielder-host of the Maker’s relic Caladhbolg.

Mourners, Abednego, Persistence, a story of the estate of Pennat Gate and its growing pains.

Catafalques for Our Bodies, a revision and refinement of the tales of Sebastio Artaxerxes, climbing from a slightly notable citizen of Rhaagm to a Lord of Yrdky. [hiatus]

Industry of Any Ant, a collection detailing a series of encounters experienced by Laila Gnulthep in her role as sub-registrar at the university of Weguerreguwregerr. [hiatus]

Revenant Faith and Foreign Pilgrimage, a story of the forming of the bond between pioneer Eihks Richard and prophetess Ktsn Wdondf Daephod. [in-progress]

Resuscitation, a story of the undeath and origin of Eihks Richard. [to be enfolded in a collection of shorter vignettes – arriving later]

A Bygone Mineral Empire, a story of a strange planet called Earth in the seventy second millennium AD, after humans have barely survived extinction, emerging to find things… different. [hiatus]

A Blackjamb Transmission Vector, a story of a complicated series of events in Rhaagm, told from the perspective of an auditor by the name of Lawrance. (audio format) [hiatus]

More tales shall follow.