About the Library and Its Curator

<< This is the Library!

The Thomas Generalized Recountings Library is upkept by Akninirith, on behalf of Thomas the Librarian.

The use of any content of the Thomas Generalized Recountings Library is authorized under the Creative Commons license. Alternatively: readers have the freedom to reproduce, edit, enjoy, share, and build upon material found here, provided that the author is credited.

The Library’s inspirations and debts are many and varied.

To note a mere handful of the literary pillars whose works gave partial shape to this endeavor: Tolkien, Clarke, C. S. Lewis, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Taylor Anderson, Peter F. Hamilton, David Weber, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Lois McMaster Bujold, Brent Weeks, Stephen King, China Mieville, Jim Butcher, Neal Stephenson, Madeleine L’Engle, Alan Dean Foster, Joe Abercrombie, and Orson Scott Card have all touched the heart of the Library in one way or another.

Those people who have helped water the soil which eventually sprouted and yielded the Library as fruit are too many to enumerate; however, a few very special persons need recognition: those bright shining souls of the third floor of That Great Dormitory, a great many influences from high school and even younger, those magnificent people awarded with the regal title of “teacher,” those people named such things as Jason, and the people of the web fiction community. There are hundreds more.

You, reader, should you choose to interact with this work in any fashion whatsoever.

And ultimately, the Way followed so imperfectly and yet so good to undeserving seekers.

To all of you, thank you, now and always.