Revenant Faith and Foreign Pilgrimage

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Timeline – the beginning of the described events falls in an extrafacetary year with a complex coefficient corresponding to the standard date of:

38th age, 5th eon, 7042nd cycle, 19th period, 1403rd era, 22nd epoch, 810195th year

Eihks Richard is an edutainer between productions, when he and other citizens from the Parsed City-State of Rhaagm volunteer for a little poorly-justified charitable work. Ktsn Wdondf Daephod is a farmer dealing with family discord, when she and everyone she has ever known unwittingly benefit from philanthropy undertaken for the wrong reasons. The two of them come together, thanks to the involvement of a supernatural entity of strange and terrible power. Both break from their old lives, and forge a new one together as partners, to explore the wild unknown. It will be hard, and it will be interesting, and it will be both a journey and a revival.

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Listings of segments lie below:

Part 1: Strange Land Around a Stranger

  1. Memory and Dream
  2. Those Who Cannot Help But Live
  3. Dearly Won Constants
  4. Welcome Zero Hour
  5. Intermission: the Jealousy of In-Laws
  6. One Shore or Another
  7. Toothed Minds
  8. Making Acquaintances of the Worst Kind
  9. Turning Off the Needle Highway
  10. Intermission: the Duress of Bottom Feeders
  11. Cannot Go Backward
  12. We the Consuming People
  13. Seeds of a Difference
  14. Cultivar Transplantation
  15. Intermission: Showtime
  16. Assimilation
  17. The Souls of Cold Cannons
  18. The Storm’s Fringe
  19. Rubicon
  20. Intermission: Neighbors

Part 2: The Bamboo Royalty

  1. Hotworked Horizons
  2. Hematidrosis
  3. Stranger Again
  4. Auspices of Trouble to Come
  5. Intermission: Four Mortal Creatures
  6. Finding East
  7. Wood Is Good
  8. Naturalization
  9. A Plumb Line for Tomorrow
  10. Intermission: Heisting a Soldier
  11. Futures Minus Comeuppance
  12. The Ground Will Be Waiting
  13. D’artagnan
  14. Saddle the Steeds
  15. Intermission: Ships in the Night
  16. Skin Under Words
  17. Abrupt Familiarity
  18. Sovereigns Make Gold
  19. Dance, Monkey
  20. Intermission: Perfectly Reasonable Disagreements
  21. The Urge Daedalic
  22. The Urge Odyssean
  23. Parties Everywhere
  24. Bandages
  25. Intermission: Desperation and Valor
  26. Drunks, Fools, Children
  27. Fighting to Win
  28. Saving the Day Without Dying
  29. Talk Fast, Punk
  30. Intermission: Big Plots Inside Little Plots
  31. Hearts of Warm Tin
  32. Doctoring Without a License
  33. Eating Sand of the Glass
  34. Cry Havoc, Hateful Children
  35. Intermission: Eraser Machine
  36. Depart the Nest
  37. The Actor and His Dilemma
  38. Dead People
  39. Living Dreams
  40. Intermission: Lily-in-the-Deepest-Dark

Part 3: Tunnel, Tunnel, Bright, Bright

  1. Kilo Echo
  2. The Opposite of Silence
  3. Prosthetic Mind
  4. Anxiousness
  5. Intermission: By the Pricking of My Thumbs
  6. Blessings Like Butter
  7. Pretty Angel Stones
  8. Brightest Black
  9. Delphi and Apollo
  10. Intermission: Salt and Red
  11. Katabasis
  12. Fields and Groups
  13. Gravitas, Hilaritas, Auctoritas
  14. Walls Make Terrible Neighbors, Actually
  15. Intermission: Death and Taxes
  16. Ambigrams of Smell
  17. Sciences of Opposition
  18. Ego Fights Animosity
  19. Damnatio Memoriae
  20. Intermission: Disjoint Sojourns
  21. Gold Head, Silver Torso, Bronze Waist, Clay and Iron Feet
  22. He Stoppeth One of Three
  23. Mirror-eyed Gunfire
  24. Convergent Arthropod Sequence
  25. Intermission: Fly, Man
  26. Listening Students
  27. Mind Inherited
  28. Colonial Organisms
  29. Ezer Kenegdo
  30. Intermission: Mixed Passover