Dæmon cluster

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A technology which resembles the idealized form of the so-called utility fog. The exact process of generating the constituent semi-magical semi-living members of a cluster hides behind many, many layered Ktarebte machines, preventing owners from reverse-engineering their design even while they create more. In essence, they are a fusion of femtotech, thaumaturgic energies, extremely specialized tuning fields, and some number of ingredients known only to whatever of the Maker’s tools first designed them. The dæmon cluster is one of the primary reasons for Rhaagm’s supremacy amongst equals, being uniquely distributed from a centralized control node of the Tower of Rhaagm; no other extant source is known. Given their capabilities, this is a positive status quo in many minds: with the help of a dæmon cluster, a child could build a dollhouse of agate, chop up a dish of fruit, or slowly and painstakingly compress a gas giant world into a solid state. Such tremendous power has affected culture, law, tradition, and even faith in the Parsed City-State of Rhaagm, and use of such power draws the attention of Rhaagm’s auditors. Spans lasting millions of years see the public taking stances ranging from abstaining from reliance upon clusters in public facilities, to embracing them for the sake of convenience, to ostracizing those who espouse their use. Universally, assault with a dæmon cluster earns one the death penalty save under truly catastrophic duress – on the order of acting to preserve multiple lives additive to one’s own. It is sometimes frowned upon to employ a dæmon cluster for simple tasks one can accomplish unaided.

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