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A facet is the largest possible formally structured mutually exclusive subset of existence in the gem. By their very essence, facets impose order and orientability upon reality, one macroscope at a time. Facets can be thought of as manifolds having shapes not representable through traditional generalizations of geometry, being infinite in size and yet possessing very discrete borders where they converge. Of course, most of the “infinite” size of a facet doesn’t interact with its residents, given their limitation to some abstraction of a multiverse residing on said facet. The ubiquitous concepts in the vein of “many-worlds” theories approximate the reality which facets compose, but on a quite limited basis. In strictest formal terms, a facet is a combination of a domain and a Rochambeau sequence applied to that domain – a Rochambeau sequence being that set of operation signatures that give a facet its properties (the quantum phenomena permitting wetness and elasticity, interactions between a magus and their generated Hiek machines, and so on). Information is typically carried from one facet to another through use of a mated simplex pair, though many other approaches to addressing this problem exist, including one-way transfacetary communications. A facet cannot be built or constructed artificially by any means available to civilized society, but they appear to naturally grow into being under the proper circumstances. Note that nearly every facet has a different rate of time progression, and all extrafacetary locations have a single shared rate of time progression which normally elapses faster than on any facet.

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