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A term used as a pseudo-analogy for a structure characterizing almost the whole of reality. A beautiful infinity of carved surfaces, thus “facets,” compose the reality within which very nearly everything that ever could have existed or may exist does, indeed, exist. Each of these facets has its boundaries carefully defined by a rigid set of laws with varying complexity, and said boundaries are virtually impossible to pierce. To this rule there are two chief exemptions: information that has already existed for some quantity of complex time in extrafacetary space is permitted traversal of the border between facets or outside the gem, provided that it has a proper mechanism or vehicle by which it can transition. In addition, the presence of information that has made this journey allows other information to hitchhike along if it should be moved from one facet to another, so long as the transition is begun by an outside party. To quote one of Toothskin’s more insightful observations, “It’s complicated.” The act of traversing the border of two facets or a facet and the space outside the gem is one of the universe’s fundamental occurrences, and is a type nine event in the Willabarm classifications of interactions. It is important to make the distinction between the gem and all of reality itself, though; existence is possible for creatures, matter, and physics outside of the gem’s preposterously large confines – Rhaagm, Yrdky, and Bequast constitute the premier examples. Some people also include the Purple in this grouping. This is a controversial but not precisely inaccurate designation.

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