Hiek machine

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Magic, as long defined by the greatest minds in Bequast, is precisely “anything done by or with or on account of, sustained through or affected by, or effected as a product of a Hiek machine.” Put another way, the Hiek machine is the governing mechanical unit by which all thaumaturgy works. Things involving Hiek machines, no matter how mundane, are magical; things without the influence of a Hiek machine, no matter how miraculous, are non-magical. A positive deluge of classifications exist that one could use to identify or order Hiek machines and their spoor, and equally many different and varied fashions exist in which they might be employed. It should be noted that a particular branch of magical affinity – related to that which manifests on the facet of Ast – has a very pronounced prevalence, and variations of this genre of magic constitute a far larger proportion of magically-imbued facets than any other.

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