Old(, Being of/Servant of/Despised of)

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A member of a collection of apparently immortal sentient beings, each of whom can employ extraordinary capabilities of various descriptions and nearly always possesses a peculiar item or set of items (referred to as an Old’s “tool”) tied to their identity in some fashion. Olds frequently exhibit the capacity to alter entire – sometimes multiple – facets with their devices, a trait that results in their being viewed as deities in some cases. They unanimously display vested interests in the course of sentient culture, the majority of become subsequently categorized as either a Servant of Old, if their aim is the preservation of life, freedom, and a laissez-faire civilization, or a Despised of Old, in which case they contribute to the realization of a reality dominated by a highly-governed order. An unusually high percentage of Olds have characteristics similar or identical to those of homo sapiens. Old culture, history, politics, physiology, psychology, and religion, among other subjects, are utterly unknown to the overwhelming majority of the gem. The fact of their existence itself is an infrequent topic of debate despite the massive evidence of their influence, as very few of them willingly choose to make their presence known to any significant portion of a facet.

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