Time dilation

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There are approximately 1.4237 Earth Standard seconds in an extrafacetary second. That is to say, there are more than thirteen billion cesium cycles in an extrafacetary second, as opposed to the nine billion which compose a second by Earth Standard measurements. Sixty four thirds compose a second, sixty four seconds compose a minute, and sixty four minutes compose an hour. The day is broken into sixteen hours, while eight days form a period referred to as a “hand.” A hand’s member days are ordered from Zeroday to Sevenday in sequence. In total, a year is comprised of two hundred fifty six days and broken into eight months of thirty two days each. The months of the year are ordered from Zeromonth to Sevenmonth in sequence. A period of sixteen years, perhaps unimaginatively, is called a hexadecade. While a year might pass in Bequast, though, a day of events could transpire on Earth Standard. The locality of any given facet does not age in lockstep, or even geometrically, compared to the extrafacetary territories. Instead, a person who leaves from Bequast, spends a single minute on Earth Standard, and then returns will likely find very different headlines from when they’d departed.

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