Type eight, entity-intrafacet

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Specification of Willabarm Classification – entity-intrafacet. One being or corporate collection of beings, that is facet-bound, transits to somewhere within the scope of their present facet which cannot be attained through movement by traditional means. A few traditionally supplied examples of this are C. S. Lewis’s documented traversals between near-Earth-Standard and Narnia (after whom Lewis points are named), the displacement of some of George MacDonald’s protagonists in his writings, and virtually any “many-worlds” variety of cross-over traveling. Note that while it is commonly accepted that manipulation of quantum mechanics or any local equivalent to achieve a parallel timestream is NOT actually a type eight event, this category is otherwise one of the more ambiguous due to the flexibility of what might be called “traditional” means of movement, and thus a number of phenomena which could be argued as type eights end up instead under other headings.

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